• Contractors:
  • Accessories supplier: PAQ HK INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.
  • Time: The project is handed over.

The National Assembly House was built with a total area of 63,000 m2, a height of 39 m. Scale of 5 floating floors, 2 basements including 540 rooms. The project was completed thanks to 2.5 million working days of technical staff, skilled workers and workers from 65 main contractors. The building is equipped with equipment to ensure safety, environmental security; warning systems, CCTV and access management systems. PAQ Company is honored to be selected as a supplier of high-class Dorma door accessories such as: Automatic door opening and push button for emergency doors.

Detailed product information provided for the project:
– 12 sets of DORMA ED250 Swing Door Operator
– 23 sets TL-S55 Push Button